Flooding update – February 2020 -Flooding support news from Herefordshire Council
BGPC wishes to express its sympathies with those residents affected by the most recent floods – particularly in Walford and Buckton- where residents have been working tirelessly to support each other and also try and prevent further damage to their properties. We would also like to recognise the efforts of our Lengthsman, Chris, for his work in filling sandbags, clearing ditches and grips and helping residents to clear up the mud left by the receding water. Please can all landowners also do their bit by keeping ditches clear and waterways unobstructed.
BGPC is joining with the rest of Mortimer Ward to try and get some concerted action to alleviate future flooding events and will be meeting with representatives of Herefordshire Council, the Environment Agency and Balfour Beatty in early March. In the meantime please click on links below to find out about the most up-to-date support available.

1 May 2018
Proposal for lengthsman and footpaths in Border Group
The current funding for both our local highway maintenance and rights of ways public access routes is being removed by Hereford Council. For the past few years we have been receiving circa £2400 for highways work, which our length man Chris Shepherd has been doing for the parish council. This entails going around much of our (approx) 40Km C and U roads, opening channels to let water off roads into ditches; clearing drains; picking up litter; trimming back vegetation around signs and road junctions, and provides help and support where possible to parishioners in extreme weather conditions eg flooding or ice.
Mike Oliver inspects the large network of foot paths and bridleways in the Border Group, and along with Joe Thomas, carries our maintenance work which has been agreed by the PC. For the past few years the parish council has been able to make sure the rights of way have remained open.The lengthsman scheme was originally set up by the Border Group Parish Council under the stewardship of the late John Miles and Cllr Olwen Barnett, over 20 years ago, as a way of maintaining our highways and byways on a local basis, knowing full well that the council were going to do less of the routine work in many areas.
For the forth coming year we have sufficient reserves to maintain the current budgets for both highways and rights of way maintenance. From next year, however, we may need to raise the Precept to cover the present cost of this work.
We as a council, feel strongly that virtually all this work would not get done by the County Council as the current state of our roads testify. Council maintenance contracts, with Balfour Beatty and previously, Amey and Jarvis, falls woefully short of routine work that needs doing, certainly this far north in the county, free from obstruction and safe to use for all, on a budget of £1700/annum.


Taken from Herefordshire Rural Hub April 2017 Newsletter…….