3. How we are doing

The Parish Plan completed in 2003 : available here.

Chairman’s Annual Report to Parish : 2019 report can be seen on ‘Home’ page
2018   2017  2016 (none) 

Charter between Herefordshire Council and Parish Councils 2011 :  available here.

Cllr P Rone BGPC letter 11.6.17


The Parish council receives many comments about speeding in the villages.  A 40 mph speed limit has been imposed in Walford after many years of trying! BGPC is delighted to now have a Speed Indicator Device ( SID) to help combat speeding in our villages



To improve visibility, the Parish council  arranged for the wall at Walford to be moved.






BGPC arranged for a safety mirror
to be installed at the junction of
Reeves Lane (C1315) and the A4113.