2. What we spend and how we spend it

Financial information relating to projected
and actual income and expenditure, procurement,
contracts and financial audit.

Year Ending 31 March 2019

BGPC Provision for Public Rights


A Summary of your Rights

Year Ending 31 March 2018
BGPC Provision for Public Rights
A Summary of Your Rights
Accounting Statements & Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 


Expenditure :   Under The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities parish councils with a turnover of less than £25,000 are required to publish items of expenditure above £100.  2016 onwards

Budget : The Parish Council sets a budget each year to decide whether to raise the Precept.
NB The budget for 2017/18 is incorrectly labelled as 16/17.
2019/20 2020/21
2018/2019 2017/2018  2016/2017  2015/2016

Herefordshire Council will no longer be providing the Parish council with funds for the Lengthsman scheme (which helps to deal with matters like ditching and drainage on C and U roads) or for footpath maintenance. In an area prone to flooding, and with many well-used footpaths, your Parish council have decided these services are too valuable to lose.
Both decisions mean the Parish council element of your council tax will rise – but only gradually, because the Parish council is using reserves to cushion the increase.
It is likely that Herefordshire Council will have to cut other services in the next few years if funding from central Government continues to fall– and if they do, and if those services are vital to our area, your Parish council will consider taking on responsibility for funding them.
Please let us know what you think on this or any other issue by contacting your parish councillor or by emailing your comments to the Parish Clerk at clerkbordergroup@btinternet.com or posting to Border Group Parish Clerk, Gotherment House, Wigmore, Leominster HR6 9UF

Precept : A tax charged on each property in the parish to fund the Parish council. It is used to run the Parish council itself, and to fund the activities the Parish council undertakes for the benefit of residents.

2020/2021 £9,250 Agreed at November 2019 meeting
2019/2020 £8,400 Agreed at January 2019 meeting
2018/2019 £8,000 Agreed at November 2017 meeting.
2017/2018 £7,500 Agreed at November 2016 meeting.
2016/2017 £7,500 Agreed at October 2015 meeting.
2015/2016 £7,500  Agreed at November 2014 meeting.
2014/2015 £7,500 Agreed at November 2013 meeting.

Information from Herefordshire Council received 12 March 2018.

The link to the report below shows the precept amount requested by each Parish for 2018/19, together with the number of equivalent Band D properties in the Parish (the tax base) and the Band D council tax:


If you wish to compare it to 2017/18, the link below will provide this information:




Internal Financial Audit :   2016/2017    2015/2016    2014/2015

Notice of Conclusion of Audit 30/9/2017

Annual Return Form to Year End : 31/3/2017 31/3/2016  31/3/2015  31/3/2014

Borrowing Approval letter : None

Financial Standing Orders & Regulations : Financial Regulations – adopted 26th February 2019

Grants given and received

List of current contracts awarded and value of contract

Members’ allowances and expenses : No allowances or expenses are claimed by Border Group Councillors.