Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhood Plan- update January 2020

BGPC will be reviewing its Neighbourhood Plan in the coming months to make sure it continues to be relevant. NP’s over 2 years old carry less weight than newer ones in terms of Planning ,so it is important the Plan is looked at periodically. BGPC does not envisage a major re-write however so those residents who were involved last time need not worry!

Border Group Made Decision Document

Declaration of Result of Poll

Click here to read the final Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to read the final report for the Neighbourhood Plan from the Independent Examiner

October 16th – please see link to final report below

Examiner’s Report 

On this page you will find documents and information.  See also Archive for earlier documents.

Posted 22 March 2018

This link takes you to Border Group Neighbourhood Development Plan on Herefordshire Council’s website. 

Consultation on Neighbourhood Plan : 16 March 2018 to 27 April 2018

The plan can be viewed:

If you wish to make representations or comment you can do so by:-

Website: using the online comment at: -planning/


Post: Neighbourhood Planning Team, Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford. HR1 2ZB

Feb 18
As many of you will know the Border Group Parish Council, along with many of its residents, have been working for the past three years on our Neighbourhood Development Plan.  The reasoning behind this was to give local people the opportunity to decide where future development should take place in our villages and settlements, but at the same time trying to keep development to a sustainable level.
The plan is now formally complete and ready to go for a six week consultation with Herefordshire Council, and if the inspector approves it, we will hold a referendum.  This will give everyone in the community the opportunity to formally support or reject it.
All the supporting relevant documents are on this website and the consultation dates will be advertised shortly, once the parish council formally adopts the plan.

Steve Chilman
Chairman NDP Steering Group

Posted 26/02/18    1. The Neighbourhood Development Plan – submission document LATEST VERSION
Posted 26/2/18       2. The Parish Policies Map
Posted 26/2/18       3. Adforton Policies Map
Posted 26/2/18       4. Brampton Bryan Policies Map
Posted 26/2/18       5. Lingen Policies Map
Posted 26/2/18       6. Walford Policies Map
Posted 26/2/18       7. Border Group NDP Environmetal report
Posted 26/2/18       8. Border Group NDP Addendum to Habitats Regulation Assessment
Posted 26/2/18       9. Border Group NDP Basic Condition Statement
Posted 26/2/18     10. Border Group NDP Consultation Statement

Posted 26/2/18       Meeting Housing Requirement Report June 2016

Border Group Parish Council is now at the stage where it should consider forwarding the Neighbourhood Plan, together with a range of supporting documents to Herefordshire Council for the next stage of formal consultation. These documents are now on the Group Parish Council website.

There are still a number of stages to go as shown.

Dates of Meetings, Agendas & Minutes can be found here.

Posted 13/10/17 Border Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 (V3) (1) This is the latest version of the Plan.
Posted 13/10/17 Reg 15 – Table 1 Representations V1
Posted 13/10/17 List of Alterations
Posted 13/10/17 Reg 15 – Representations March 2017 Draft 1
Posted 13/10/17 Lingen Conservation Area Character Assessment October 2017

Further consultation
on the Neighbourhood Development Plan in Adforton, Lingen & Walford.  These can be downloaded from the these links

Posted 23/06/17 Further Consultation on Adforton
Posted 23/06/17 Further Consultation on Lingen
Posted 23/06/17 Further Consultation on Walford
Posted 11/05/17 A Power Point presentation from the 19 April meeting
Posted 27/04/17 Responses to the Repeat Consultation  (public comments on the draft plan)
Posted 09/01/17 Link to Regulation 14 Public Consultation Notice
Posted 09/01/17 Link to The Neighbourhood Development Plan (Public Consultation Draft)  
Links to 3 Consultation Documents:
Posted 09/01/17 Meeting Housing Need
Posted 09/01/17 Strategic Environmental Assessment
Posted 09/01/17 Habitats Regulations Assessment

Photograph with kind permission of Herefordshire Council


Earlier documents and information can be found in the Archive