March 2021

Nominations are required for a vacancy on the Border Group Parish Council, representing Brampton Bryan. Should you wish to nominate yourself or anyone one else please read the notice. which has been displayed in the Border Group Parish area.

June 2020

Walford Flood Action Group – watch this space for the latest from the Walford Waders..the group has now been officially adopted as a working group of Border Group Parish Council and we look forward to bringing you their news.

There has been a rise recently across Herefordshire of people being targeted by fraudsters. Please don’t become a victim – see advice from West Mercia Police here. 


Thanks to pressure from Border Group, Wigmore GPC and Leintwardine GPC this vital link to Leominster and Hereford for local residents has been saved. Thanks must also go to our Ward Cllr Carole Gandy for her support and determination to ensure the continuation of this service. Please remember the more the service is used, the better its chances of survival. Have you considered saving petrol and parking and maybe taking the bus instead?

Scam mail – please see link below for advice from Royal Mail

Please note that Carole’s reports can now be found under ‘Meeting Dates’ – please see the ‘Home’ page

Carole encourages any resident to contact her if they have a problem, or just want a chat.  She is also always happy to visit you if that would be easier. Just telephone 01568 780583 or email

1 May 2018

Proposal for lengthsman and footpaths in Border Group

The current funding for both our local highway maintenance and rights of ways public access routes is being removed by Hereford Council.  For the past few years we have been receiving circa £2400 for highways work, which our length man Chris Shepherd has been doing for the parish council.  This entails going around much of our (approx) 40Km C and U roads, opening channels to let water off roads into ditches; clearing drains; picking up litter; trimming back vegetation around signs and road junctions, and provides help and support where possible to parishioners in extreme weather conditions eg flooding or ice.

Mike Oliver inspects the large network of foot paths and bridleways in the Border Group, and along with Joe Thomas, carries our maintenance work which has been agreed by the PC.  For the past few years the parish council has been able to make sure the rights of way have remained open, free from obstruction and safe to use for all, on a budget of £1700/annum.

The length man scheme was originally set up by the Border Group Parish Council under the stewardship of the late John Miles and Cllr Olwen Barnett, over 20 years ago, as a way of maintaining our highways and byways on a local basis, knowing full well that the council were going to do less of the routine work in many areas.

For the forth coming year we have sufficient reserves to maintain the current budgets for both highways and rights of way maintenance.  From next year, however, we will need to raise the precept by around £30-40/household to cover the present cost of this work.

We as a council, feel strongly that virtually all this work would not get done by the County Council as the current state of our roads testify.  Council maintenance contracts, with Balfour Beatty and previously,  Amey and Jarvis, falls woefully short of routine work that needs doing, certainly this far north in the county.

As your local council, we would ensure this money is used wisely for the benefit of all parishioners in the Border Group.   Unfortunately, it will still be within the remit of the council to repair pot holes, but at least by trying to keep the water grips clear and drains flowing, further degradation will be kept to a manageable level.

25 April 2018 (posted 1May18)

‘I have just read the proposed tax rises for the council tax. Though I’m not against paying a bit extra for local services, it has often crossed my mind with regards to the flooding issues, that there’s always comments suggesting that it was never like this when we had permanent lengthsmen , that may have been so.
Let’s look at local drainage today. I have lived xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for some 27years and now live xxxxxxxxxxx , so have experienced some quite bad floods over the years. On all occasions it would appear the water cannot drain from the road side ditches. If one cared to follow said ditches along there course you would find most ditches are full of silt and several years worth of hedge trimmings along with the usual roadside litter.
Surely it would be quite simple  for land owners, Tennant’s who have a water course through there land to actually be made responsible  for these ditches, after all they put the hedge trimmings in and on occasions farm animals are inadequately fenced out allowing banks to collapse.
I am a country person and have been all my life , this letter is certainly not a shout at farmer’s but possibly a solution to a problem that could be solved at source. ‘
With regards

19 April 2018
Please see below responses from residents to the recently distributed leaflet on raising the precept.  Two of them have more than one page.   Please click on down arrow (see bottom of text) to view pages as required.

Response 2 16.2.16
Response from residents to recent leaflet re Precept

26 March 2018

Information from Herefordshire Council received 12 March 2018.

The link to the report below shows the precept amount requested by each Parish for 2018/19, together with the number of equivalent Band D properties in the Parish (the tax base) and the Band D council tax:

If you wish to compare it to 2017/18, the link below will provide this information:

22 March 2018

This link takes you to Border Group Neighbourhood Development Plan on Herefordshire Council’s website. 

Consultation on Neighbourhood Plan : 16 March 2018 to 27 April 2018

The plan can be viewed: 

If you wish to make representations or comment you can do so by:-

Website: using the online comment at: -planning/


Post: Neighbourhood Planning Team, Planning Services, PO Box 230, Hereford. HR1 2ZB

15 March 2018

News from our County Councillor

Healthwatch read more….

 Herefordshire Library Home Delivery service  read more

3 March

**PRESS STATEMENT: GP Out of hours services in Herefordshire  AND Snow update from Balfour Beatty  read more….

1 March 2018 : Update from Balfour Beatty

I just wanted to provide you all with a quick operational update on our response to the snow conditions experienced across the county.
In preparation for the snow, we carried out pre-salting of the secondary network yesterday, which included treatment of priority footways in all of the market towns. Our priority routes were treated last night, along with carparks and a top up treatment was carried out at 5.00 this morning.
Teams are now fully mobilised and we have carried out further treatments of the priority network throughout this morning. The forecast shows the intensity of the snow increasing as we move into the afternoon, with heavy snowfall expected from around 17.00, although there remains a lack of certainty around timings. There is the potential for accumulations of 20 – 30cm which is likely to be widespread across the county and due to strong winds snow drift may cause significant cross county issues. All gritters are now fitted with ploughs and will start ploughing when required. We also have all 42 of our snow contractors, covering the whole county, now on standby and we will instruct them as required to commence local ploughing. The team of locality stewards are out on the network, providing the winter team with updates on local conditions and responding to incidents/ emergencies.
Our focus currently is on the priority network and our teams will be carrying out back to back treatments on 12 hour shift patterns. Conditions are expected to be treacherous throughout the afternoon and into tomorrow with road surface temperatures expected to drop to around -7C. It’s important to note that at these temperatures, salt becomes less effective and therefore although roads may appear to be treated, there will continue to be a risk of ice. Persistent snow is expected into the early hours of the morning, and as a result we are expecting difficult conditions on the network tomorrow.
Our communications to members of the public are focussing on key messages around avoiding unnecessary journeys unless absolutely critical, warnings of snow drift and need for preparedness. Our messaging will continue tomorrow to focus on avoiding unnecessary travel.
I hope this is helpful, I’ll provide a further update as things progress. In the meantime if you have any questions please let me know.
Paul Shipton
Operations Manager
Unit 3 Thorn Business Park, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, Herefordshire,  HR2 6JT

27 February 2018

Border Group Parish Council is now at the stage where it should consider forwarding the Neighbourhood Plan, together with a range of supporting documents to Herefordshire Council for the next stage of formal consultation. These documents are on the Neighbourhood Development Plan page.

There are are still a number of stages to go as shown.

21 February 2018 : News from Balfour Beatty…. potholes…

Good Morning,
This week we will be commencing a Velocity Patching programme in response to this winter’s escalation in pothole numbers. The Velocity Patcher is designed to fill potholes much faster than conventional methods, and you may have seen it’s recent appearance on BBC’s One Show.  We have used Velocity Patching in previous years, especially when the demand for safety repairs escalates, and we’ve found it to be a very useful technique to repair potholes on our more rural roads.
The system uses high-volume air to remove all dust and debris from a pothole. A cold bitumen emulsion is then fired into every crack to seal the hole before aggregate is fired in at high speed. The process takes only a couple of minutes to repair each hole. There is no excavation, no waste material and the filled hole is ready to drive on immediately. However, it may be necessary to briefly close some roads to allow our crews to work safely.
The programme is scheduled to last two weeks, with the potential for extension following a review of progress against demand. The programme will start in the north of the County and work will be predominantly on C and U roads in areas with a high density of safety defects.
Best wishes
Linzy Outtrim PhD
Stakeholder Manager | Balfour Beatty | Services | Living Places

31 January 2018

BGPC has been advised of Pre Surface Dressing Patching Works on the C1004 – Willey – Birtley : Monday, 19 February 2018. Road closed 09.00 hours until 17.00 hours

Pre Surface Dressing Patching Works – It should be noted that where pre surface dressing patching works are being carried out, in most instances, only part of that particular road is being patched.  Whilst the road closure is shown as  09.00 hours until 17.00 hours each day, in some situations where short stretches of the road are being patched, it may be possible to complete the works sooner subject of course to “unknowns” or adverse weather.


January 2018

This is the time of year when local councils set council tax rates – including the small additional amount (the parish precept) set by Border Group Parish Council.

Plenty can be done without increasing council tax: the parish council is planning to introduce speed indicators (SIDs) to cut speeding in our villages, and can do this from funds the council already has.

However, Herefordshire Council will no longer be providing the parish council with funds for the Lengthsman scheme (which deals with highway problems, like ditching and drainage) or for footpath maintenance. In an area prone to flooding, and with many well-used footpaths, your parish council have decided these services are too valuable to lose.

At the same time, knowing our roads are in poor condition, and that Herefordshire Council’s funding is unlikely to stretch to the kind of maintenance we need, the parish council have also decided to begin filling potholes. If it’s successful we’ll expand this service.

Both decisions mean the parish council element of your council tax will rise – but only gradually, because the parish council is using reserves to cushion the increase.  The parish council element of Band D council tax will rise from about £25 today to £27 in March 2018, but will then to around £40 in March 2019 and £54 in March 2020. See the link to the budget on

It is likely that Herefordshire Council will have to cut other services in the next few years – and if they do, and if those services are vital to our area, your parish council will consider taking on responsibility for funding them.

Please let us know what you think on this or any other issue by contacting your parish councillor or by emailing your comments to the Parish Clerk at or posting to Border Group Parish Clerk, Gotherment House, Wigmore, Leominster HR6 9UF

The Budget for 2018/2019 was set at the November meeting read more…