Council Tax Update


January 2018

This is the time of year when local councils set council tax rates – including the small additional amount (the parish precept) set by Border Group Parish Council.

Plenty can be done without increasing council tax: the parish council is planning to introduce speed indicators (SIDs) to cut speeding in our villages, and can do this from funds the council already has.

However, Herefordshire Council will no longer be providing the parish council with funds for the Lengthsman scheme (which deals with highway problems, like ditching and drainage) or for footpath maintenance. In an area prone to flooding, and with many well-used footpaths, your parish council have decided these services are too valuable to lose.

At the same time, knowing our roads are in poor condition, and that Herefordshire Council’s funding is unlikely to stretch to the kind of maintenance we need, the parish council have also decided to begin filling potholes. If it’s successful we’ll expand this service.

Both decisions mean the parish council element of your council tax will rise – but only gradually, because the parish council is using reserves to cushion the increase.  The parish council element of Band D council tax will rise from about £25 today to £27 in March 2018, but will then to around £40 in March 2019 and £54 in March 2020. See the link to the budget on

It is likely that Herefordshire Council will have to cut other services in the next few years – and if they do, and if those services are vital to our area, your parish council will consider taking on responsibility for funding them.

Please let us know what you think on this or any other issue by contacting your parish councillor or by emailing your comments to the Parish Clerk at or posting to Border Group Parish Clerk, Gotherment House, Wigmore, Leominster HR6 9UF