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BGPC usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month, but it doesn’t meet every month. You are more than welcome to attend meetings. Details will be published in Meetings & Agendas.

Meeting Update – May 20

Following new Govt legislation allowing meetings to be held remotely, BGPC intends to hold an Extraordinary meeting primarily to consider commenting on recent planning applications, on Tuesday  12th May at 6.30pm. Please see ‘Meetings and Agendas ‘section of website for the full agenda and how to join the meeting. Please contact the Clerk – Maureen Robinson- if you would like more information on how to do this – 01568 770 547


Please click here for the latest report from Ward Cllr Carole Gandy

Please click here to find out how your Parish Council can support you during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Latest update re Coronavirus from Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council and its partners are well prepared to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). There are tried and tested procedures to prevent further spread and the NHS is very well prepared and used to managing infections.

You may receive or already had questions and queries from your community about the coronavirus. To help assist and support you signpost people to the most suitable sources of information please visit the Herefordshire Council website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/coronavirus. The website has links to a variety of guidance documents which you may find useful for people. We advise that you do not print or download guidance but use the links provided, which will be updated as required based on new information.

Additional sources of general information:
For the latest, reputable sources of information about this coronavirus please visit the following websites:
• Health advice about coronavirus: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/
• Latest information: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public
• Frequently asked Questions: https://publichealthmatters.blog.gov.uk/2020/01/23/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-what-you-need-to-know/

Feb 28th – News release – click here for latest update

Flooding update – February 2020 -Flooding support news from Herefordshire Council

BGPC wishes to express its sympathies with those residents affected by the most recent floods – particularly in Walford and Buckton- where residents have been working tirelessly to support each other and also try and prevent further damage to their properties. We would also like to recognise the efforts of our Lengthsman, Chris, for his work in filling sandbags, clearing ditches and grips and helping residents to clear up the mud left by the receding water. Please can all landowners also do their bit by keeping ditches clear and waterways unobstructed.

BGPC is joining with the rest of Mortimer Ward to try and get some concerted action to alleviate future flooding events and will be meeting with representatives of Herefordshire Council, the Environment Agency and Balfour Beatty in early March. In the meantime please click on links below to find out about the most up-to-date support available.



Have you been affected by flooding? Please see article below for how to access financial support. 

 October & November flooding

Herefordshire Council appreciates what a difficult time this has been for people recently and has launched hardship schemes to residents and businesses whose homes or businesses have been flooded. This includes a Community Flood Recovery Grant worth £500 to each affected household. In order to qualify for the assistance, flood water must have entered the habitable areas of their property, or the residence has been considered unliveable for any period of time due to flooding. Alongside this is a Business Flood Recovery Grant, which will provide up to £2,500 per eligible small and medium-sized business. To qualify, businesses must be able to demonstrate that they have directly impacted or have directly suffered a loss of trade as a result of the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Please can you let people in your area know that the application process has now opened and that they can apply online at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/floods.

In addition, I can also confirm that 100% Council Tax discount is available for 3 months for primary residence where, as a result of the relevant weather event:
• Flood water entered into the habitable areas; OR
• Flood water did not enter into the habitable areas, but the local authority regards that the residence was otherwise considered unliveable for any period of time, for example:

o where access to the property is severely restricted (e.g. upper floor flats with no access);
o key services such as sewerage, draining, and electricity are severely affected;
o the adverse weather has resulted in other significant damage to the property such that it would be, or would have been, advisable for residents to vacate the premises for any period of time.

Furthermore, 100% business rate discount for 3 months (up to state aid de minimis levels) is available for primary residence in the following circumstances:

• The hereditament was directly impacted by the relevant weather event – for instance flood damage to the property, equipment, and/or stock; or; the business could not function due to lack of access to premises, equipment and/or stock as a result of the relevant weather event, and no alternatives were available; AND
• On that day business activity undertaken at the hereditament was adversely affected as a result; AND
• On that day the rateable value of the hereditament was less than £10 million.

Again, please can you let people in your area know that if the above criteria is satisfied, they can email counciltax@herefordshire.gov.uk or businessrates@herefordshire.gov.uk who will arrange for a visiting officer to attend the property to verify the situation.

We are aware that not everyone who suffered from flooding contacted the emergency services or the council for help and so would like to encourage anybody who has been affected by flooding to get in touch and report any issues online at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/floods


Border Group gets its SID ( Speed Indicator Device)!!

Those of you going through Brampton Bryan and Walford recently will have seen the new addition to the landscape. The Parish Council hopes that introducing the SID will have a positive impact on drivers who blight our villages by speeding. The SID is owned by the Parish Council ( bought with funds from a development, NOT out of the Precept) Over the coming months it will rotate round the Border Group villages to hopefully make our roads safer.

Councillor Update – Cllr Susan Harley (Brampton Bryan) decided to step down at the October meeting following many years of service to the Parish. Border Group Parish Council thanked her for her commitment and wished her well in  her retirement! Thank you Susan.

As 10 Electors of the Parish of Brampton Bryan requested an Election be held, click here for a Nomination pack if you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor – the deadline for receipt of nominations at Electoral Services in Hereford is 4pm on Wednesday 18th March.


Annual Report from outgoing Chair of BGPC May 19

Chair’s report

Fire at Paytoe

There continue to be regular meetings between Cllrs, staff from Keys Care and local residents and this is a Standing item on the agenda.  A Planning application to rebuild the burnt out barn has been approved by Herefordshire Council and supported by BGPC, so hopefully work will begin in the near future…

Neighbourhood Plan- update January 2020

BGPC will be reviewing its Neighbourhood Plan in the coming months to make sure it continues to be relevant. NP’s over 2 years old carry less weight than newer ones in terms of Planning ,so it is important the Plan is looked at periodically. BGPC does not envisage a major re-write however so those residents who were involved last time need not worry!

Border Group Made Decision Document

Declaration of Result of Poll

Click here to read the final Neighbourhood Plan

Click here to read the final report for the Neighbourhood Plan from the Independent Examiner

Financial Year ending March 19

Certificate of Exemption from External Audit

Notice of Public Rights

Accounting Statement and Annual Governance Statement 2018/19

Accounting Statements & Annual Governance Statement 2017/18 

What is a Parish Council?

Generally the role of a parish council is to improve the quality of community life for their parish and its inhabitants.

They can:

  • Give views, on behalf of their community, on planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish.
  • Undertake projects and schemes that benefit local residents.
  • Work in partnership with other bodies to achieve benefits for the parish.
  • Alert relevant authorities to problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken.
  • Help the other tiers of local government keep in touch with their local communities.

Source: Herefordshire Association of Local Councils (HALC)

Powers & Responsibilites from the Herefordshire Council website